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1. How many fax ports does the myFAX network fax server support?

The myFAX network fax server supports from 1 to 4 ports per server. 

2. Can I send faxes over the Internet?

Yes. The myFAX network fax server supports more web browser for faxing over the Internet. Our system also support fax to email.

3. What are my options for receiving faxes?

There are many options, and you can use a combination of options to support your business and workflow needs. Inbound faxes can be routed directly to user's extension number folder, or to your email account. 

4. What are the monitoring/tracking capabilities of the myFAX network fax server?

Our software included module to monitors the progress of inbound faxes from the moment the fax arrives at the myFAX network fax server until the point when it is deposited into its internal destination, typically, a fax recipient mailbox. The service keeps a log of monitored events.

5. Do you provide remote access demo?

Yes, you can test our product anywhere as long as you have internet connect. Please send email to to obtain login information and password.




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